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How to Manage Customer Data, Grow Relationships and
Convert Leads into New Business

The term “customer relationship management” (CRM) can sound intimidating to small and midsize businesses. While most marketers and C-level professionals are familiar with CRM, many struggle to define exactly what it means and how it relates to their business.

There are many things a CRM system can accomplish that should get people across all areas of a business excited—from marketers and salespeople to business owners and C-level executives. Now, Strategic 7 Marketing has created a new e-book that explains CRM in detail and shows you the path forward. It is organized in four chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Understanding the Basics Behind CRM and the Challenges It Solves
  • Chapter 2: Four Key Benefits of a CRM System
  • Chapter 3: Nine CRM Features Your Business Can’t Live Without
  • Chapter 4: Three Strategies to Build Strong CRM Buy-In and Engagement Throughout Your Company

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